says in article 2 number 3 that ISO or ISO related standards should be used.
Anybody aware of any FIX messaging solution with Parties or ISO20022 SWIFT is under way ?
Sorry, but totally new to that and just run into it.
Appreciate your comment.
Thank You

Can you provide a link to the EN version please? The link seems to be a DE version. Would also be helpful if you know what the name of this regulation is. e.g. is this MiFID II related?

It’s not explicitely MiFID related but about Shareholder Rights (SRD II).
Here is all EU languages available with the exception of Bavarian:


Uli, thanks for the EN link. Regarding shareholder rights reporting, this hasn’t been brought up to FIX committees (not that I know of). ESMA requires ISO 20022 XML message formats when submitting required reporting to them. Are you looking for FIX support on SRD so you can receive FIX messages for SRD purposes from your counterparts so you can report to ESMA? Just trying to understand the context of your inquiry.

Thanks Lisa for your response and perspective.
When ESMA talks about ISO, then ISO20022 is the skeleton but - not fully aware until now - it does not necessarily reflect the nature of the messaging standard in use. You pointed out XML. Remember Bats Trading defining FIX usage when MiFID Order Record Keeping came into sight. So I just wanted to make sure not to miss any activities by any committee inside the FIX community. Will check in the near future whether any extensions are useful when integrating trading participants by a FIX session when it comes to SRD II implementations. This would meet your assumption regarding “SRD purposes from your counterparts”.
Anyway I just realized this information could contain sensible private data that should not to be shared across an unencrpyted application-application communication.