Computations in FIXatdl




I’ve read parts of the FIXatdl and it specified that it’s possible to conditionally enable or disable a field depending on the value of a second field. In an similar fashion, is it possible to compute a field value based on the values of other fields?

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FIXatdl has a “StateRule” that can be associated with the specified value for one control, and can set the value for a different control, however, that does not presently support mathematical computations.


Although its pretty much an exercise in torture, there is a way to “compute” in FIXatdl. We specifically put into the standard Not-And (NAND). You can then use “helper controls” as temporary (disposable) registers.

The process would however be like writing in Assembler.

On the bright side, you can name a StateRule and call it later by name.

Beware however that just because its included in the standard doesn’t necessarily mean all implementations can handle it. (stack overflow for example)