FIX Orchestra was conceived as machine readable rules of engagement between counterparties. As such, it is a standard for exchange of metadata about the behavior of FIX applications. Orchestra is intended to cut time to on-board counterparties and improve accuracy of implementations. FIX Orchestra does not change FIX protocol itself in any way, nor does it make obsolete existing FIX engines or tools.

The FIX Orchestra Release Candidate 5 was posted for public review September 19, 2019 and no feedback or comments were received. The GTC believes the FIX Orchestra Technical Specification to now be of suitable quality and having achieved fit for purposefulness to be adopted. The GTC has expressed a high level of confidence. Therefore, the FIX Orchestra Draft Standard will be in the draft period for six months (March, 2020 - August, 2020). Two implementations are needed to move it to Technical Standard - Version 1.0. Potential adopters are strongly encouraged to begin working with the Draft Standard.

Please use the below link to view the technical specification document for FIX Orchestra Draft Standard V1.0.

(Please note you need to be logged onto the FIX Trading Community website to view the document.)