File previewer security issue


I get the message “The proxy server is refusing connections” instead of the preview of an MS Word or MS Excel File, e.g. Is this problem local to my organisation and, if so, what do I need to do to change security settings or similar?


Hi Hanno,
the FIXTrading website supports several different ways of viewing and downloading files. Regular PDF files can be displayed and downloaded by using the browsers built-in pdf viewer and file download. We use this for most PDF files which are not access restricted, meaning every visitor can view and download the file. However, we cannot control the user experience with these files because the behaviour is browser-dependent.
For files with access restriction we use a plugin called Download Manager which allows access by user role (logged-in user, member, premier member) and provides extra information about the file like a file description and last update date. These files show the tag ‘packages’ in the URL. The Download Manager previews PDF and Word documents but not Excel files.
For Excel files we use another plugin called Google Doc Embedder. This is probably the plugin that is causing the error you are seeing. Many company firewalls block access to file sharing tools like Google Drive.
I will look into another plugin for viewing Excel files.


Thanks, it must be my company firewall as we have no access to Google Drive. I tried it outside of the company network and the Excel, PDF and Word viewers work fine in Firefox as well as IE. Within the company network, I can download the file as a workaround. Thanks again for the quick response.