FIX tags for passing system hardware information.


Any custom FIX tags allocated for IP address,MAC address, Motherboard number, CPU number, Hard disk number etc. used across. For eg: 6395 has been allocated for Source IP address.



looking at FIXimate (, I only find in the section Application Level Messages something like Infrastructure / Network / …
But this does not seem to contain any hardware info.

Same applies to the Session Layer.

Maybe @jim.northey or somebody from the more technical FIX guys may point you into the right direction.

Cheers, Jörg


Thanks Jorg. I am looking at application level and for reporting stuff.


On the application layer, there is only one example I am aware of and which was added with EP195 ( It is for market data feeds and their sources. The fields PrimaryServiceLocationID(2567) and SecondaryServiceLocationID(2568) can be used for IP address and port for example. Currently these tags are limited to the component MarketDatFeedTypes.

@akshats what is your context (FIX message types) where you want to send that kind of information?