GTC looking for feedback on first release candidate of SBE V2.0


Simple Binary Encoding V1.0 is a Technical Standard of FIX for high performance environments that has received final approval in 2017 with an errata version published mid-2018. A first release candidate for V2.0 has been published in August 2018 for a 90 day public comment period (see PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD - Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) v2.0 RC1). However, it has not received any feedback at all. Release candidates without feedback usually trigger the conversion to a Draft Standard for the given version, awaiting two interoperable implementations to become final. Unlike Release Candidates, only minor, non-breaking changes can be made to a Draft Standard in order to provide implementation certainty for users.

This post in the name of the FIX Global Technical Committee is asking for feedback on the merits of the enhancements made so far for V2.0. A major version number was chosen as the current enhancements break backward compatibility, i.e. there are changes to the wire format compared to V1.0. Any feedback on existing or planned implementations using SBE together with the version number would be helpful to determine whether more enhancements should be considered for V2.0 prior to moving to a Draft Standard.

Thank you in advance for your participation!