how access to market through FIX engine



I have FIX engine, but I want to connect to the market to receive a quote and send an order either buy or sell. how connect to market if I already have the technology to do it?
is the order executor the same as quote provider "data provider "?
is order executor is the same for buy and sells or there are a buy side and sell side?

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in addition to the engine you need of course some (TCP) connection to some trading network / market place.
To connect you need at least SenderCompID and TargetCompID, maybe some extra credentials and for encrypted connection the SSL details. If you are connected and have established a FIX session by a successful Logon message you can start to send further messages.

I wonder which FIX engine your are planning to use and to which market place you want to connect. Do you already have the RoE (Rule of Engagement) of this market place at hand.

Please check the FIXimate for details on the messages:

Orders are sent using a NewOrderSingle, market data can be subscribed using a MarketDataRequest.

Cheers, Jörg


thanks, Jorg, I have quick FIX engine, what is the RoE " the role of Engagement" for instance to FOREX market and stock market, for example, I have made a contract with a single company to send and receive message and make trade or I can connect to all market participants without a previous convention.


RoE is the common name for the document describing all the details regarding a specific FIX connection.
So you have to ask the company for the RoE or the FIX specification. There is no general standard, FIX just a set of (well-standardized) building blocks.

The next step is to establish a FIX session to your counter party using your QuickFIX engine and watch it exchanging heartbeats. Please use the example code provided by QuickFIX or QuickFIX/J to get a running connection in order to see how it has to look like.

After that, you can start to send real FIX application messages.

Cheers, Jörg


are there any recommended company to connect with ?


I am sorry but I do not understand the background of your question.

Are you going to learn FIX for some educational purpose or for a specific project?

In the first case, I suggest to use the QuickFIX/J examples and the FIXimate as a start and grep for example usage. At the moment, I cannot recommend any market place for training purpose.

In the other case, your project partner should have this information for you.

Maybe others in the forum could help as well.

Cheers, Jörg