Isbrokenperiod and EqualDays tags


For the caption tags we would like to do FIX mapping and i dont see relevant tag for these. There is a tag called ‘coupondaycount’ wherein we have pre-defined value as Act/360 (Bond basis). We were looking for something like Act/365(Bond basis) to define coupon is distributed evenly throughout the year. It would be great if FIX could add this value there or provide an option say ‘99-User defined value’. So that we can use this field to denote Act/365(bond basis). Each business’ would have their own values. so it would be great if you could provide an option (user defined) in the pre-defined values



please refer to this FIXimate definition (latest EP = extension pack):

7 =
Act/365 (FIXED)

The actual number of days between Date1 and Date2, divided by 365. See also 2006 ISDA Definitions, Section 4.16. Day Count Fraction, paragraph (d).

I guess this is what you are looking for.

Please also note, that it is recommended practice to took FIX tags and values from later FIX versions to augment earlier versions, e.g. FIX 4.4. I wonder what version your are using.

Cheers, Jörg