mantissa decoding is under mandatory or optional?



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did you ever try the example listed under Appendix 3.2.6 in Fast v1.1 specification (decode a decimal field which contains two individual field operators)? i am trying to figure out why the first decoded value is 9427.55, not 9427.56.
according to specification, it mentions the following paragraph. if decoding mantissa with mandatory instruction, got 942756. i am not sure if i understand this specification correctly, please advise.

  • If the decimal has optional presence, the exponent field is treated as an optional integer field and the mantissa field is treated as a mandatory integer field …

Appendix 3.2.6 FAST v1.1 Extended Example

9427.55 -2 (no previous) -2 942755 (no previous) 942755 11 0xfe 0x39 0x45 0xa4
9427.60 -2 None 942760 942760 01 None 0x39 0x45 0xa8
None NULL NULL None None 1 0x80 None

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The example is incorrect. The mantissa should be encoded as 39 45 a3.