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previously, there has been a Product Discussion Forum where everybody could post announcements related to ones own products which always contains some sort of advertisement.
This forum was present because it is considered bad practice to post anything looking like advertisement to the general or technical forums.

Today I wonder what is the recommended way to post such company or product specific information.

Thanks, Jörg


Jörg, are you able to post to the Announcements category? I see a few posts from vendors there.


@hanno.klein - I am afraid I cannot since the “New topic” button is greyed out for me.

My impression was that this forum is reserved for FPL matters.

Thanks, Jörg


Ok, just wanted to make sure. I remember we had an internal discussion and I thought the generic “Announcements” should be for those from FPL only. I will take this point up once more to see where vendor announcements/news should go.


Thanks, Hanno. That would be great.

I definitely want to adhere to the recommended practice here.


@hanno.klein - Just pinging you again…

Who is in charge to deciding this?

Is this already clear and needs to be communicated or is there some ongoing discussion for the next days or even weeks?

Many thanks and regards, Jörg


The Global Member Services Committee is taking care of it. It will be on their agenda for the next meeting.


Hi Hanno,

actually, I wanted to post that my company is presenting at the Finovate NY next week.
But I guess the decision is still pending…

Cheers, Jörg