Render UI

Hi, is there any software I could download to render and test the FIXatdl algoes, and see the fix messages that are being sent?

I helped co-develop an Open Source app that does this in Java several years ago.


This past month I put Scott’s code ATDL4j up running on a current win 10 machine with just the most current default java (run time) installed. I did not have to mess with path settings, etc.

You do need to add the .xsd files (next to the samples .xml file in my case) and adjust the .xml files to point to those xsd locations. I also put a “pause” into the .bat file so I could see Scott’s system errors.

My files set is at http:/ (including Scott’s .zip file for his java programs).

Scott’s tool was really to demonstrate parsing and rendering. Its NOT a WYSIWYG FIXatdl file editor or IDE. It does render the screen and show the message. Not sure if every part of the schema is fully and smoothly implemented 100% but its an excellent place to start.

Other vendors had various other helpful tools but I’m pretty sure most development ended up “in-house”.


There is also atdl4net which has a sample application