Sending UserNotification (CB) Message to notify the end of trading activities


I want to send a notification to a FIX client about the end of trading activities of the trading venue so that the FIX client can wind up its business activities before the FIX connection is broken. Can I use the UserNotification (CB) message for this purpose? Can I use the enum 8 - Session shutdown warning in the UserStatus (926) field?

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Hello Vindya,

reading FIXimate, this has been added by EP56 to UserStatus field and sounds quite reasonable to me.
IMHO, you could use it this way.

I wonder where I could find EP56 in
This could contain more information about this usage.

Cheers, Jörg


In FIX.4.2 we introduced TradingSessionStatus(35=h) and its subscription/query message TradingSessionStatusRequest(35=g) to report on the state of trading for a venue or a market segment within a trading venue.

To report at the individual security level changes in status (trading halt, auction, etc.) the SecurityStatus(35=f) and the SecurityStatusRequest(35=e) messages were added to support communication of security trading state.

Both sets of messages were updated in EP97 as part of FIX.5.0SP2. Recommend adopting FIX Latest versions of these messages for any new trading venue.

UserNotification could be used, but I think that message was primarily targeting multiple user sessions over a one FIX session and works in concert with UserRequest/UserResponse and is focused on user management, not on reporting trading venue state changes to market participants.


Thank you so much Jörg. The quick response is much appreciated.


Thank you so much jim.northey. Your suggestion is very much appreciated.


@vindyawi: the term “session” is used for two purposes in FIX, technical and business. Whenever only “session” is used, it pertains to the FIX Session Layer (FIX 5.0 SP2 uses FIXT 1.1 as session layer) and denotes the technical session between two counterparties. This is what 8=Session shutdown in UserStatus(926) is about. One can also reference a specific technical session by means of PartyRole(452)=55(Session ID). I think you are using the term “connection” for that.

However, you are asking about trading activities on a trading venue. This is what FIX calls a “Trading Session” and @jim.northey elaborated. TradSesStatus(340) is used to convey the status of an entire trading session. SecurityTradingStatus(326) (note: not SecurityStatus(965)) is used to convey the status of an individual instrument. SecurityMassTradingStatus(1679) does the same for a group of instruments defined by the component InstrumentScope.