Trade Capture Report


Hello- question regarding the Trade Capture Report (and maybe this applies to FIX messaging in general).

If on the message it is describing the Buy and sell side of a trade in a Repeating Group. IE-

Party A
(54) Side: Buy
Amount: 1
Asset: Gold Future

Party B
(54) Side: Sell
Amount: 1320
Asset: USD

In this basic example, is the correct way to interpret this ‘Party A is now the owner of the Gold Future’ and ‘Party B sold the Gold Future for Cash’ ?



No, the example you show is not possible as the traded asset (Instrument component) and the quantities (e.g. LastQty(32)) are all on the root level of the message and not part of the repeating group TrdCapTprSideGrp. The TCR message is about a trade between two counterparties for a single asset. One party buys the asset and another party sells the same asset at a single price.

Try modelling it entirely with FIX tags and show nesting levels.