I used settltype (63) which had values from 0 to 9 then B and C. However, when i am trying to use underlyingsettlementtype (975) I was expecting same set of values but i find only 3 (2,4, and 5). This seems to be contradicting. In my opinion both the fields should have same set of values. In other words underlyingsettlementtype should have same values as that of settltype. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Even in the latest version i see only 3 values. Whatif, if the value from the system (Alchemy trading system) for underlyingsettlementtype is ‘0’?

Agree that this looks odd. Not sure if it is intentional or a mistake. I tend to think it is the latter. SettlType(63) and LegSettlType(587) have the same datatype and enums (FIXimate says that 587 uses enums from 63). 975 has a different datatype (int instead of String), name (Settlement instead of Settl) and its own enums. Due to the difference in datatype, it cannot be linked to 63 with “uses enums from”.

There is a thread to capture errors (FIX Standard Errors and Omissions). I have made an entry and linked it back to this thread.

Thanks Hanno for your reply and support as usual. If at all underlyingsettlementtype is different then we should have one like underlyingsettltype on the lines of settltype and legsettltype.