Latest Date Format


Hi all,

I see couple of threads regarding correct date format. Please confirm whether the latest standard FIXML date format is YYYY-MM-DD and the timezone is represented as HH:MM:SS

Thanks all for the usual support.



did you check the FIXimate, more specifically:

Here are a couple of different date formats to choose from. Not sure what exactly you need.

Cheers, Jörg


Hi, I did check the link before and from there only i had noted the format as YYYY-MM-DD for LocalMktDate. Hope the format is correct and this is the latest one


It is FIX.5.0SP2 :slight_smile: according to my knowledge the latest …

But with regard to timezone: It is not represented using HH:MM:SS – a typo in your message?


Thx Jorg. I am going with this date format. Highly appreciate your help and time


The original question is about date, but you also mention time and timezone, so I’m assuming you really mean FIX datatype UTCTimestamp, a datetime. There are also separate date and time of day datatypes in FIX and XML. For FIXML, FIX type UTCTimestamp is mapped to XML schema type xs:dateTime. (For a complete mapping of FIX datatypes to XML, see file fixml-datatypes-5-0-SP2.xsd.)

The lexical rules of XML schema datatypes are defined in standard XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes. See section 3.2.7 dateTime. One example of a UTC datetime is given as “2002-10-10T12:00:00Z”. (For non-UTC times, rules are given for timezone offsets.)


UTCTimestamp datatype does not support a time zone as it is simply UTC. However, the datatype TZTimestamp requires to provide a time zone, i.e. using “Z” simply means it is UTC (offset zero).