Pages and Documents Not Found or Not Displaying Properly


First, the vast majority of folks visiting the website are there to find FIXimate. Let’s put a crumb on the home page to get there - not buried at the bottom of the page. It took many many clicks for me to find it.
Second, when you finally get there and click it takes you to the dreaded “404” page.
Great migration by the way!


Seems that anything you put in angle brackets is lost in translation. My note should read “bottom of the Standards page” and “click Download latest EP”. That’s a bug too.


Hi Dean, thanks for your feedback. FIXimate is a separate tool and several of the links are still pointing to the old website. We will update them asap.
In the Standards drop-down menu under ‘Online References’ is also a direct link to FIXimate and other FIX tools. Nevertheless we will also look into having a link to FIX Tools on the home page. Regards, Eva


Is there any possibility at some point to fix the links included in the forum responses? They point to the old website and in the absence of a rule to construct the equivalent hyperlinks on the new website it is becoming a nightmare.


I am afraid there is no automatic construction of equivalent hyperlinks due to the difference in structure between the old and new website. I suggest to reply to a post where a link is broken and ask for an updated link. We are looking at options to migrate the old forum content but it will not be as comfortable as new stuff. So there is also the option of re-posting an old question where the new website does not show any information. Sorry for the inconvenience but my personal view is that it is a price we have to pay to be able to move to a much better technology for discussion forums. The issue of broken links will go away over time.