I created a simpler alternative to FIXimate


It’s easier and faster to navigate especially in the console with Links and Lynx.

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Did a quick check of a few messages.
My feedback:

  • Hard to navigate to specific messages.
  • Order of fields is sometime different than FIX spec, see Quote Request (35=R).
  • StandardTrailer in middle of Quote Request (35=R) message.
  • Doesn’t indicate what Extension Pack fields were added in only has FIX 5.0 SP2.

Thanks for looking. I’ll look into the field order issue.

Yeah, it doesn’t work so well for the FIX 5.0 and later standards. But it’s quicker for me with better overview when working with FIX 4.2 and FIX 4.4 for futures and equities trading.

Yeah it can definitely be quicker to use.

On navigating to specific messages. You have links at the beginning of the page to bring to the the Datatype, Fields, Messages, and Components sections. At the beginning of the Messages section you should consider adding a link to each message (like a hyperlinked table of contents for that section). Might be useful to do that for the components section too. This would make it quicker for me to use.

Yes that would be useful, already have ids for the individual messages so you can link to them: https://rigtorp.se/fix42#mExecutionReport

I made the changes you suggested. Looks good.

Thanks I find that easier/quicker to navigate to a message.

Interesting! Do you plan on releasing the source for generation?